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Eczema Fix


This book will discuss exactly what eczema is and how it can be treated to reduce the symptoms. It’s not a disease, and there is no cure. But the symptoms of itch and inflammation can be contained.
Eczema can’t be “caught” from someone else. It’s an immune disorder that can flare up because of environmental and emotional causes. And those are matters we CAN control. Within this book will be discussed the lifestyle changes necessary to alleviate the worst of the eczema symptoms, or get rid of the rash altogether.
The standard medical cure for eczema is a hydrocortisone steroid cream. This works well at alleviating the symptoms, but it does nothing to address the underlying causes of eczema. That is what this book does, to help you become eczema-free for life.


Eczema, that horrible itchy rash on your skin, isn’t new. Ancient Egyptians suffered from eczema and sought relief with oatmeal baths. And it worked! Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, discussed the role of skin disease, sweating, and itching over two thousand years ago.

Thirty million Americans suffer from eczema, including children. Doctors have discovered a genetic link for eczema between parent and child. If a parent suffers from eczema, the child may be predisposed to eczema, as well.
One in five school-age children have this rash, and one in twelve adults suffer from eczema. This condition can affect their self-imagine, self-esteem, and health. It can affect every-day life and cause a lack of sleep. It can also be embarrassing.

Although the eczema rash has been around for thousands of years, we still know far too little about it. Research is just beginning. It has shown that changes in lifestyle habits can have a tremendously beneficial effect on eczema.

Eczema Fix: How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally & Permanently places the control of this disorder in your hands. There may not be a cure for eczema, but you no longer need to suffer from its debilitating effects.
Eczema is an auto-immune disease where the body refuses to function as it should. Be aware that the same auto-immune misfunctions can simultaneously bring about other auto-immune problems, such as Crohn’s disease and allergies.
By easing the symptoms of eczema, you may well be helping your body cope with other auto-immune challenges.

Certain changes in your daily life can do much to rid yourself of eczema. Most rashes have very specific triggers which this book will discuss. Once you identify the triggers and alleviate them from your environment, you are taking the necessary steps to rid yourself of the symptoms of eczema.


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