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The Last Bet


Make no mistake about it. Overpowering a gambling addiction is hard work. If it were as easy as simply walking away from the gambling casino, slots, sports betting, track, or card games, there’d be a lot fewer problem and driven gamblers in the U.S. – and across the world, for that matter. You’ve likely tried cutting back or even quitting already, with predictable consequences. In no time at all – occasionally just hours – you’re right back at it. So, what does it truly take to crush your gambling addiction?


It’s rather simple, truly, once you get to the center of what it takes to stop a gambling addiction. The problem or compulsive gambler 1st has to authentically wish to quit gambling. That’s simpler said than done. A lot of problem gamblers go for years without arriving at that realization.

When and if they do, it’s frequently only a fleeting desire and not commanding enough for them to take action. That’s the 2nd basic requirement to quitting gambling: you have to go through the hard work it will take to defeat your addiction. Oh, the rationalizations quickly issue forth here.


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