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The Slave Baby Contracts (Updated)

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The Facts and Truth About Your Rights Suspension And the Corruption of Law!


Proof That Your Certificate of Live Birth Has Been Unlawfully Created and Commercialized as A Fraudulent Fictitious Entity, to Keep YOU as a flesh and blood human being in Debt with NO Rights and FOREVER a SLAVE!

3 reviews for The Slave Baby Contracts (Updated)

  1. Ben Miller

    I always knew that there was corruption within our justice/legal system. Thanks for opening my eyes to what’s been going on for far too long.??

  2. Jackie, R.

    Not many people are courageous enough to publish information like this. Then there’s those who are afraid to use it when they discover it. This will give me the encouragement to continue fighting for my rights. Thanks!!!

    • UIDMGroup

      It’s a pleasure to help you in any way that we can. Good luck to you!

  3. J. Jackson

    Thanks to the internet you can pretty much find any information you’re looking for. Much of that information only explains what the problem is, but rarely do you come across valuable life-changing information with instructions on how to apply that information.

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