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Beat Information Overload


As a society, we have instant access to more information than ever before. With the arrival of the computer, the invention of the Internet, and the popularity of social media, we have entered into a world of 24/7 information. We have so much information coming into our brains that we don’t stop and take the time needed to decipher, interpret, and apply meaning to the knowledge we’ve gained. We’ve become absorbed in the overpowering need to know everything about anything and everyone.
The world is changing at an exceedingly rapid pace. Life seems to have become much more demanding and stressful over the last several decades.


We’ve officially entered the Age of Information that is being ruled by computers, smartphones, and a constant stream of information that we have a need to know the relationship with. We have a hard time separating ourselves from our phones for even five minutes. Technology has taken over our lives and overloaded our minds.
All the information that we obtain while surfing the web and browsing our social media sites has created a technology addiction in much of the population. We’ve forgotten what silence feels like and are overloaded with information that is available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This has led to the overshadowing of our ability to communicate face-to-face and has clouded our mind with digital information that has affected how we process and retain information. This addiction to technology has also resulted in more people trying to multitask, which results in decreased productivity and focus, and an increase in erroneous errors.
To bring ourselves back to the present and beat the information overload that we’ve become subject to, we have to be willing to disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other! This book will guide you through the process of beating information overload to have a clearer, more focused mind that will allow you to move forward.


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