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Across the years, the perception and definition of leadership have changed. Leadership used to mean a position or a role in a hierarchy. Today, leadership is more of a skill than a role. You can be in a leadership role and have no expertise in leadership. On the other hand, you can be in a non-leading role but demonstrate a lot of leadership and inspire those around you.

Leadership is one of those skills that never gets old and is always looked up to. Leadership definition can be many things to different people. Start by writing down your definition of leadership.

Leadership, for me, is:




We might have a different definition of leadership than you, but the exercises and techniques that you will learn here will help you become a better leader in your life.

One of the key qualities of leaders is that they are self-starters. That said, you can already check that one of your lists because today, you have chosen to read this book and lead yourself to a self-development adventure!


In this book, we will teach you how to develop your leadership skills, no matter what role you play in your career. The skills you will learn here is a life skill that you can use at work but also in your daily interaction with your family, in your volunteer work or any relationships.

In the next chapters, you will learn about leadership, how it can improve your life, and what techniques or abilities you need to develop to become better at it.

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  1. Jan P.

    I just may have to purchase the course.

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