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Interview Profits


If you’re serious about your internet marketing business then you need to create and sell your own products.

Affiliate marketing is great (and you can make a lot of money from it) but the real money generally starts to come on when you create and then sell your own products.

Why is this?

Well it’s pretty easy to understand when you think about it. As an affiliate marketer you have to work hard for every sale – whether that’s promoting the product to your list, setting up a product review blog, promoting through social media, etc.

The product owner on the other hand doesn’t have to do anything the affiliates are generating the sales for him or her.

As a product owner, affiliates effectively become your sales force, while you sit there and count the profits.

This isn’t to say that creating information products is easy. In fact it’s something that many people struggle with – hence why they never do it!

Sitting in front of a blank Microsoft Word screen and setting yourself the task of starting work on a 100 page eBook is a pretty horrible feeling – and that’s AFTER you’ve done things like deciding on what your product is going to be about, finding a profitable niche, etc. So product creation can be hard – but it can also be pretty EASY if you go about in the right way.

That’s where interviews come in.

Creating an interview product is DOWNRIGHT EASY…


Forget spending MONTHS writing an eBook or weeks slogging it out creating and editing a video training course.

Simply find an expert to interview, hook up on Skype for an hour, ask them questions, record it using some free software – and BANG! … An hour later you have your very own information product that you can start selling or using to build your list!

It IS that simple as well guys. There’s a little more to it of course (I’m going to take you through everything in this report) but this really is the easiest way of creating your own product – fast.

The beauty of interview products as well is that you’re able to tap into the knowledge of an expert within your niche. This means that you can create information products on subjects that you know absolutely nothing about!

Just think about this for a second.

One of the biggest reasons why people DON’T create their own information product is that they feel they aren’t knowledgeable enough to create a product that other people will want to buy. Interviews completely remove this barrier because you can tap into an expert’s knowledge and instantly create a product that otherwise it might take you MONTHS to research.

The other beauty of this is that your product is instantly credible because you’ll be able to put the expert’s name on the sales page AS WELL as your own.

So if you’re in the gardening niche and Joe Bloggs is a really well-known expert in that niche then putting their name on the sales page will instantly attract people to the product.

Are you starting to see the potential in creating interview products?

I really hope so – and I hope that this report gives you the confidence to go out and do this for yourself because this really is a fantastic method.

Now you simply have no excuse for NOT creating your own bestselling information product.


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