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Living Life The Paleo Way


Anyone who takes a sustained look at the obesity numbers in the present global population will notice that they are rising fast. Despite the advancement in technology, healthcare, and education, people are still making mistakes in how they eat. The current state of obesity in the world in 2013 calls for a return to the paleo diet, the right way to cope with evolution. The present obesity debacle arises from the fact that people are taking up a lifestyle that is not optimal for their existence on earth and these behaviors leave the body with too many extra calories than it requires.

The paleo diet derives its philosophy from the fact that people who inhabited the earth more than 10,000 years ago did not eat any processed food yet they were healthy and not obese. They did not experience modern-day diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular complications, and cancers. So based on this fact, anyone wishing to enjoy a healthy paleo diet and regain their health should simply ask themselves whether a caveman would eat what the person is about to eat. If the answer is yes, then it is a go-ahead for eating that particular food but if it’s no, then it would be a hint to stop taking the kind of food.

In 2005, the paleo diet went mainstream after famous people started asking their followers to embrace it. Since then various authoritative materials such as books and articles have been published to explain its benefits to health and fitness.


In the past, human bodies were wired to cushion themselves against any form of food scarcity. That was the beginning of the attraction to fatty foods and other high calorie yielding foods. The present problem is that technology and large-scale farming brought about by the agrarian revolution has made it possible to create excess food. People nowadays eat because it feels convenient to eat and not because they need the extra calories, in the foods that they take.

The problem with most of the modern diet is that it lacks a balanced supply of both macro and micronutrients.

When your body is experiencing a deficiency in a particular nutrient, it will initiate a hunger stimulus in your brain that will cause you to eat more. Unfortunately, if you do not go on to eat the right kind of food that produces the desired nutrient, you will end up with excess and still lack what you need. Thus it is a major cause of obesity.

Now many modern fitness diet advocates call for a calorie limitation as a weight-loss measure. This is beneficial only to a point. Remember that, without the right supply of all micronutrients, your body will still cause hunger stimulus that causes you to break your fitness diet and eat in excess.

You can succeed at a health fitness diet without the urges to binge eat by taking up the paleo diet. It includes unprocessed meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables as well as nuts. This combination has a lot of fiber that leaves you filled without giving you excess calories. The paleo diet is low on refined sugars and oils. The elimination of these two main ingredients that lead to obesity creates a calorie deficit and a nutrient surplus that leads to successful weight loss. Indeed, the time to take up the paleo diet is now. Journey with us as we embark on living life the paleo way.


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