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Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies


This book teaches you how to optimize your sales funnel. My goal is to help you realize key strategies that will help you maximize conversions and thereby maximize your profits.


A lot of people who try to sell anything online simply are not doing a good job of it. This is the main reason why the vast majority of people trying to sell affiliate products simply can’t make a living off their online marketing.

It’s not because these people are dumb. It’s not because they are incapable of making money online. Please understand that just because you have heard that you can make a lot of passive income on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that you just need to roll up your sleeves and put up a website and, all of a sudden, all this money will come.

I hate to break it to you, but the whole idea of “build it and they will come” is just a pipe dream. It may have worked 10 years ago. But believe me. It doesn’t work today. There’s just simply too much competition out there.

In fact, according to several estimates, every single day, over 2 million pieces of fresh online content is uploaded every single day. Think about that for a second. Try to wrap your mind around that figure. 2 million pieces!

So it doesn’t matter what kind of niche you’re in. It doesn’t matter how obscure or esoteric your niche category may seem to you. There is simply too much competition out there. And to think that you just put up a website and, all of a sudden, all these people would come banging on your digital door and handing you their hard-earned dollars is simply a fantasy.

Disabuse yourself of that thinking, if you want to have a chance of actually making money online.

How the online money-making game is truly played.

If you truly want to create a passive income using online properties, listen up. You have to create a sales funnel. Just because you put up an online article doesn’t mean that people who find that article will find it so compelling and so persuasive that they would hand you dollars. It doesn’t work that way!

Instead, you have to look at them like sheep. That’s right. You have to be a shepherd. You have to understand that for people to look for your content, deep down inside, they’re already interested in whatever you are pushing.

Maybe you’re selling a service. Maybe you’re trying to promote some sort of affiliate product. Maybe you run an online store. It doesn’t matter! People who read your content are somehow, someway, already interested.

But the problem is the way you position your offering plays a big role in how they would respond. You have to look at the situation from their perspective. When was the last time you bought anything online? Chances are it hasn’t been all that long.

When you were looking for something online, you’re not looking to hand Joe Blow 10 of your hard-earned dollars. No! Instead, you’re thinking to yourself, “I have a problem. I’m looking for a solution to my problem. I’m looking for a page on the internet that would convince me that they understand my problem and they can lead me to the right solution.”

This is how most people shop online. In fact, a lot of people who buy stuff buy it impulsively. It’s not because they don’t want to spend their money. It’s just because they came across the right materials that spoke to their needs.

Even if their needs are not of the highest priority, they came across online content that appealed to those needs in the right way, so they end up parting ways with their hard-earned money. You can do the same. It all boils down to creating the right sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel anyway?

Look at how a funnel is shaped. It is like an inverted pyramid. It’s very wide at the top and as you get closer and closer to the actual exit section of the funnel, it gets narrower and narrower. You should think of everything you do online as some sort of funnel.

As each prospect gets closer and closer to the bottom end of the funnel, there are less and less prospects. This is a good thing because the funnel works to filter people based on their interests. If you don’t set up such a system, it’s going to be very hard for you to convert people. That’s the bottom line.

Whether you make your money through ad clicks using the Adsense monetization platform or you sell affiliate products, or you sell your own services, or you run your own online dropshipping store, it doesn’t matter.

You’re trying to convert people from simple clickers of links and readers of your content to cold hard cash. The sales funnel model helps you craft together working strategies that would help you turn your content and traffic into cash.


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