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The Empowered Life PLR Bundle


Is your life everything that you have always wanted it to be? Are you the person you want to be? Are you where you thought you would be in your career and in your relationships?

If you’re anything like most people then the answer to these questions will be a resounding no. Even those of us who are generally happy for the most part will often find that our lives never panned out quite the way we thought they would, or that we aren’t quite as accomplished as some of our friends.

Many of us seem to struggle with simple things in life, whether that is getting out of the bed in the morning with enough energy to be productive, whether it is maintaining our relationships, or whether it is finding that sense of purpose.

Many of us have the occasional creeping feeling of doubt that makes us question whether we’re really on the right track. Maybe life is just ‘okay’ but you don’t feel like it’s really going anywhere. Maybe you don’t feel like you have a ‘purpose’ as such.

Meanwhile, we all know people in our lives who do just seem to have it all together. They’re in great shape, they’re charismatic and driven and they’re usually pretty wealthy as well! They have stunning partners, perfect families and somehow they just make the rest of us look… disheveled…

While those few people seem to be successful in everything they do, we struggle hard to stay afloat and to keep the house clean, to get to the gym and to keep in touch with friends. This means we have no time to work on developing ourselves or to take our lives to that next level. Perhaps you struggle to know what that next level is? Maybe you don’t know what it is you really want from life in the first place?

Perhaps the issue is that our expectations are set too high, maybe as a result of the media? But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could live the life that you’ve always wanted and if you could make your life everything you ever dreamed of. Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was a real ‘limitless pill’ that could help you to start making the very most of your life and to seize the day and create opportunities?

I’m here to tell you that it is possible. That all the things you have dreamed of can become a reality and that there’s no reason you can’t become the ultimate version of yourself. The key is in understanding what it takes to become your best and to having the motivation, drive and skills necessary to make it happen.

Look, if you know there are people out there that have their lives up together, then you know it must be possible. If some people seem to have found their calling and their purpose, you know they probably started out in the same boat as you. They just had the skills and the know-how to find their way eventually.

Even if none of your friends have it all together, just look at people in the media. Sure, some of that is artifice, but the fact remains that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is a real guy. A guy who looks sharp, is in incredible shape, is brimming with personality and is incredibly wealthy.

Then there are people like Arnold Schwarzenegger who have accomplished insane things in their lives, like Hugh Jackman, like Michelle Obama, like Will Smith, like Tina Fay. These are people who aren’t just attractive, wealthy, funny or successful… they’re all those things.

And to the rest of us, they come across like superhumans!

The good news is that all of this can be learned. It starts with you. It starts with accepting responsibility and no longer blaming circumstances or other people for your lack of success or the way you feel.

In business, there is a commonly used term called a ‘force multiplier’. A force multiplier is anything that can be used to help you get more work done with the same amount of time and effort.

The most obvious example of this would be a hammer. If you hit a nail with a hammer then the force that you employ will be multiplied several times so that the nail will be driven into the substrate. If you had used the same amount of force with your fist, then you would have a different result. Likewise, a forklift truck or even a computer can similarly be thought of as a force multiplier.

But you are the ultimately force multiplier. If you want to achieve any goal, you need to exert effort and the outcome will depend on how skilled, how motivated and how well presented you are. If you are a more capable individual, then everything you do will have a more profound impact on the world around you.


About This Book

Look, I know that there are plenty of books out there all offering the exact same thing. No doubt you’ve probably tried a few of them in your time and possibly not had the results you were hoping for. What makes this book any different?

Well, the cheap answer would be to say: ‘read on and find out’. But to give you an idea, this book sets itself apart by being practical. We’ll be looking at neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and business so that you can start to take back control of your life and send it in the direction you want to go.

These are practical strategies that you can apply to your life and that focus on things that are entirely within your control. They’re also designed to be things that you can fit into your lifestyle easily. Too many self-help programs involve completely turning your life upside down and most of us unfortunately just don’t have this option.

I recognize that you’re probably low on energy right now, that you probably struggle to find time to yourself and that you aren’t made of money. That’s why the advice I’m going to share is entirely designed to be easy and practical to introduce into your lifestyle. It starts with simple, small changes and it builds up from there. What you’ll find is that each of the small wins you get early on will help to give you more energy, drive and resources to funnel into the next win.

And finally, this book is different because it doesn’t take a narrow view of success. I’m not here to tell you that you need to become a CEO, or that you need to travel the world. You can do those things if you like but what is much more important is that you are able to find what success means for you.

And beyond that, I’m also going to look at how you can increase your energy levels, your brain power, your dress sense and your attractiveness. This is going to be a total transformation based in science and built on easy and practical strategies. If you like the sounds of that, then this is the book for you.

Note: This book is mainly aimed at men but will be relevant to women too in parts.

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