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The Hangover Survival Guide


For many years people have engaged in the consumption of alcohol. Whether it be celebrating the marriage of a friend or mourning the loss of a job, people have found themselves at the bottom of a bottle time and time again.

Whatever the case anyone who has kicked back one too many can tell you that a hangover is one of the worst feelings and side effects in the world. It’s just downright miserable. The night before went great and you had a total blast. You’re proud to say that you only made yourself look like an idiot on two occasions and you made it home safe and sound.

Now the next morning comes and you are doubled up over the toilet with and a frozen bag of peas on your neck and head and you are praying to the porcelain gods to make the hangover go away.


A hangover occurs when a person consumes large amounts of alcohol. The symptoms range from feeling tired and lethargic, headache, vomiting, dizziness, dehydration, and overall feeling like crap. The good news is hangovers can be cured, and prevented with a few steps and a little discipline. Hangovers occur because of two basic things; dehydration and toxicity.

In this report I will be covering the many ways to avoid hangovers and what you can do to prevent them. We will actually go into detail and dissect hangovers. We will discuss what happens when hangovers occur, why, and what you can start doing before you even drink to avoid having to deal with hangovers so you can be up and going the next day as if nothing ever happened.

So pay close attention and take down notes if needed so the next time you decide to throw down alcohol like there’s no tomorrow you will be prepared to take care of you and your body.


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