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The Power Of Focus

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Focus is integral to accomplishment. It may actually fall in the same category as ambition, motivation, leadership, and other driving forces behind becoming successful but does not necessarily get the attention that it deserves. Often downplayed, the role of focus cannot be sabotaged in an individual’s ability to be productive.

What all this basically means is that you need to be focused in order to achieve something or become successful in your endeavors.


By definition, the focus is a skill that allows people to start a task without procrastination and then keep up their attention and effort until the job is complete. It is an ability to not only pay attention to things that they are engaged in but also avoid distractions that will impede the work they are trying to do.

In fact, the focus is so important to getting anything done that you can’t really think without focus. When you hear about things like perception, memory, learning, reasoning, decision making, and problem-solving, you know that none of these can be done successfully unless you focus.

On the contrary, a wandering mind will make you less effective in your work and your productivity will suffer. The same will also compromise the quality of work giving you less than optimal results. Not to forget that you will also be wasting time every instance your mind drifts off.

1 review for The Power Of Focus

  1. D. McDonald

    Any book that helps you to Focus more is a great book. I’m loving this book already.

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