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Video Marketing Profit Kit


In this book, you’ll be taught how to create great videos that connect with your audiences.
You’ll also be instructed on how to promote your videos so you can turbocharge their traffic generation and conversion power. That’s right. You’ll be taught how to turn an idea into a video, which can then turn into money. See you in Chapter 1.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture or a diagram has nothing on a video. Seriously. If a picture can pack so much communication value, you can’t even imagine what a video can deliver.
Indeed, videos are worth thousands of pictures because they convey an emotional connection. They communicate a sense of urgency. They efficiently explain concepts, and they reduce what could be confusing ideas into symbols or sequences most people can understand.
Videos are so powerful that more and more people are searching for them on the internet instead of text. Let’s face it, most people are in a hurry. They don’t have time to read through an article and piece everything together. This is especially true for articles that have absolutely no graphics. For too many people, the text is simply too flat.

With video, you feel like you are dealing with a real person giving you information. It’s easier to get into the video emotionally. It’s easier to get engaged. In fact, if you think you missed something or if a concept kind of flew over your head, you can easily backtrack on a video and review that portion.
It is no surprise that more and more marketers are making a lot of money using videos. They use different types.

Some use explainer videos to describe the ins and outs of a product or a concept. A lot of other marketers use whiteboard videos that have a voice-over. These videos show a hand drawing different pictures while the voice-over explains key concepts.

Others prefer spokesperson videos. These are videos where there is an actual person talking straight to the viewer explaining certain points. All of these leverage the power of video because you get a sense of immediacy.
When you’re reading, there might be a thousand things going through your mind. You may be understanding bits and pieces of the words in front of you, but at the end of the day, a lot of that falls between the cracks. It’s like mental noise.
With video, it’s so much easier to engage the viewer because you’re right there in front of them. If you know how to grab their attention, you can communicate whatever it is you want to get across quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
Used properly, videos give life to marketing materials. How many times have you published sales pages? In fact, I would bet that a lot of them fell flat. You have less chance of experiencing this with video.
The video brings personality to your text. It also brings depth to whatever infographics you use to market the product or service you are promoting. Finally, video enables marketers to achieve a sense of connection between their sales page materials and their target audiences.


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