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Warrior Mind

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I have seen many amazing martial artists do things with their bodies that can simply boggle the mind. I have seen some of the best fighters in the world and have trained with many martial arts instructors and other practitioners. I have also been involved in more physical confrontations than I care to remember.

In short, I have witnessed and experienced a lot when it comes to the physical side of the martial arts, but with all my experience, I have found one subject that seems to always get little or no attention in the world of martial arts how to live a life of the character.

Most martial arts classes are completely focused on self-defense, fighting, sports applications, tournaments, and katas. While all of these are important parts of the martial arts, there is something even more important missing from this list – character training.

This is what modern Bushido is all about – how to live the life of the superior man.


Bushido Explained

While this may sound like an elitist statement, it isn’t. Living the life of the superior man is simply a way of saying living a life based on character, honor, and integrity.

It is living the warrior lifestyle the way it should be lived, according to universal standards and principles which make someone a superior human being. When I say the words “superior human beings,” I am not referring to someone being better or more important than someone else.

The phrase “superior man” was used frequently by Confucius to indicate someone who lives according to high moral standards as opposed to someone who gives little regard to such things. The superior man is not superior because he is richer, more educated, comes from a better family, or anything along those lines. He is superior because he lives his life in a superior way.

He lives by higher standards than the average person.

This has always been the idea behind the philosophy of Bushido. Literature from the 13th through the 16th centuries in Japan had many references to the ideals of Bushido. The actual word “Bushido” was first used in the 17th century, but the ideals of Bushido have been around as long as there has been a warrior class, not just in Japan, but throughout the world.

1 review for Warrior Mind

  1. Steve

    Just when you think you know everything when it comes to martial arts… Finding this ebook has enlightened me and has given me a bigger boost of confidence. Get a copy, you won’t regret it!!!

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