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Deliberating The Darkworker


Balance is important in this world and in the life of man. Balance is what keeps the earth moving and it somehow gives life to people. In order to create balance, there should be two opposing sides – good and evil, dark and light. Life is full of different oppositions and this is one of the most interesting parts of life. Opposition is important, as it is providing equilibrium in every man’s life. These opposing sides are actually what make the world more exciting and enjoyable.

When it comes to the spiritual perspective, there are also two opposing sides that we can see – lightworking and darkworking. These are both essential paths to greater motivation, greater power and greater awareness. Lightworkers and darkworkers are said to be similar in various ways. However, their primary difference is actually on the way they direct their energy and focus. The two different paths may be different, but they actually complement each other.

Lightworkers and darkworkers are actually people who have consciously selected the extremes of their attitudes towards others. Lightworkers choose one extreme and darkworkers choose the other.

Some say that darkworkers are evil. Well, this might be because of the common conception that people have when they listen to the word ‘dark’. This is usually associated with evil and villains and lightworkers have been perceived as good and the protagonists.


In this book, you’ll explore the actual realm of darkworkers. You will begin to understand the real nature of their works and the way they think.

We have been introduced about lightworking and the ways on becoming an effective lightworker. Now, let us delve deeper into the real meaning of darkworker – the conscious, its mentality and all essential aspects that define its existence. Let us be familiar with the other side of the coin and point out its real value in creating balance in life and its influence on unity.


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