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Entrepreneur Disruption

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At some point, you might have been interested in the notion of making money online. It’s an appealing concept after all – being able to earn money from the comfort of your own home, or even abroad!

So, you type in ‘Make Money Online’ and what do you find?

Usually, it’s tips on how to sell eBooks, advice on how to earn money as an affiliate and tips on how to get to the top of Google. Often by essentially spamming Google until you get there…

Most of what you find won’t be terribly ambitious in other words. And in fact, a lot of it isn’t even going to be the kind of work you’re likely to be very proud of, let alone passionate about.

But that’s not what making money online has to mean. Making money online can also mean becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Mullenweg or Steve Jobs.

The internet provides us with an absolutely incredible tool that is right now changing the world and changing the way we live and work. If the only part you want to play in that is to sell an eBook on losing weight (that’s not factually accurate), then you are preparing yourself for failure.

Worse, you’re preparing yourself for success that’s so modest as to be incredibly dull and frankly depressing.

Opportunity is knocking and it’s up to you whether you want to take that opportunity to do something incredible or just to try and spam people. I know what I’d rather do.

But of course, it’s easy to understand why so much of the information out there is geared toward con artists and ‘get rich quick’ schemes (that don’t work). It’s because the idea of creating a truly game changing service or product is highly daunting. It’s because most people have no idea how to go about finding a truly innovative new idea, let alone how to bring that to market.

There are only so many true visionaries in the world. There are only so many Elon Musks out there.

This is not something that can be taught.

Except… is it?

As you’ll learn in this book, it is not possible to force someone to have a good idea. I can’t promise that after reading this book, you are going to have a breakthrough that changes the world for the better and makes you rich in the process.

But what I can provide are some tricks and strategies that you can use in order to increase your chances of coming up with those amazing, game-changing ideas.

You’ll discover how to help yourself think like a truly innovative entrepreneur. And more importantly, you’ll learn how to implement those ideas and actually take action on them.

Because there are plenty of ideas in the world, it’s executing said ideas that is the challenging part!


What You Will Learn in This Book

In this book, you’re going to discover how to come up with truly innovative ideas and then execute them in a way that capitalizes on their full potentially.

Again, I can’t guarantee that you’re going to have the next big idea. But what I can promise you is that you will be increasing your chances of having that breakthrough several fold just by reading the ideas that follow…

Over the course of the following chapters, you will discover:

• How the web is changing business in profound ways and what incredible opportunities this presents.

• How to learn from some of the best and most innovative new business models in recent times.

• How to come up with something completely new and original by encouraging your own brain to work more creatively.

• How to identify if an idea has legs – is this something that you can truly make work?

• How to go about implementing an idea – finding funding, getting the support and help you need, and avoiding the common pitfalls of new entrepreneurs.

• How to utilize the many tools and resources presented by the web in order to build something in half the time.

• How to market a completely new and novel idea in a way that communicates what you’re doing clearly and builds hype.

• How to protect your ideas from intellectual property theft.

• How to scale your business for maximum profit.

• What it feels like to have a truly innovative and highly successful idea.

• And much more!

Are you ready to start plumbing the depths of your own inventiveness and creativity?

Are you ready to find out just how truly creative you are? And to potentially come up with a single idea that changes the world?

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  1. J. Ross

    This will definitely help me with achieving my business goals!

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