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Modern Millionaires


Why is it that very few people have been fully successful in living the kind of life they want but not others? Why is it that most of us claim just “luck” to be the deciding factor of our destinies when we have been bestowed with the two hands, two feet, one brain, and the “free will”? What makes other people help them in following their dreams, while at the same time killing their dreams? Are you missing something from this short journey of your life on earth? Too many questions, one simple answer – The habituated qualities!


We are living in a fast-paced world that is changing more than ever in human history. In this century you cannot solve today’s issues with the previous solutions. While some wealth creation advice is timeless, it makes little sense to refer to old advice from decades or centuries ago to succeed today.

It seems that the majority of people are pretty lousy when it comes to an understanding of why people succeed or fail. They will give you an answer which is just one small piece of the puzzle – the high achievers are born predisposed to certain productive talents and lacking in those that cause failure. In fact, successful people are the ones who live their life the way they want to live. They reach their personal and professional goals not because of who they are but because of what their qualities or characteristics are, which in turn develop their habits or the things they do every time.

Today there are new problems: money is facing hyperinflation, the U.S. Dollar is losing its value, property prices are going up so fast the average family cannot even afford, and the middle class is being wiped out.

The real motto behind writing this book is to make it clear that the humans are such smart creatures that their highest potentials are locked in the process of possessing and using these qualities (or maybe a few more). The people mentioned in this book have unlocked their respective highest human potentials, and it is the need of the hour to spread those stories, and the qualities associated with them, to every person living on this planet now and to those who will be born thereafter (our kids). We can make ourselves achieve whatever our minds perceive, just by having a little bit of discipline in acquiring and enhancing these qualities. Then, the excellence and perfection that would embrace our world would be worth watching. This is why I created this training – to bring you up to speed with how wealth creation can still work for you

Follow the footsteps of Modern Millionaires!


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