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The Meaningful Life


Do you ever feel as though you are just going through the motions? Do you ever feel as though you’re drifting through life without ever really getting any sense of inspiration, engagement, or excitement?

Does life sometimes feel like a series of uninteresting chores?

Or perhaps you’re perfectly happy and comfortable but you rarely feel challenged or excited. Maybe you spend most of your evenings on the sofa watching TV. Or even out at the pub with friends. Maybe you spend your whole life picking up after your children.

What will you be leaving behind when you’re gone? What is your great impact?


Look at people like Albert Einstein, like Newton, like Picasso, like Mozart, like the Beatles, like Usain Bolt, like Winston Churchill, like Neil Armstrong, like Nelson Mandela, like Shakespeare, like Mother Teresa.

Now, look at your own life. Is there a bit of a stark difference?

Now you might argue that of course, you’re no Einstein. You’re not a musical prodigy or a record-breaking athlete. It would be overblown to think that you could ever approach the success of any of these historical figures or world-class celebrities.

But does that really mean you need to spend your time just… passing time?

And are you really happy that way? Or do you feel on some level as though there are better uses of your time?

Whether you’re happy or you feel in a funk, the truth is that life gets a whole lot better as soon as you fill it with meaning.

That means finding your life’s purpose. Finding the thing that you’re passionate about. And then focussing on that.

As soon as you do this, you will unlock entirely different levels of focus, of inspiration, of engagement, of charisma. Life suddenly has structure, it makes sense, and you become far more alive. You stop daydreaming and sleepwalking through life and you instead begin to forge your own meaningful path.

You’ll get more out of the time you have on this Earth, and truly there is little that is more worthwhile than that.

When you find your purpose, you’ll even become healthier… even become more attractive.

It won’t matter whether success follows because you’ll be content to spend your days pursuing this thing without any kind of financial reward.

But success very likely will come. Read this book and you will discover why that is and why finding your purpose is what you need in order to change everything.


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