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Killing Depression

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Together, let’s kill one of the biggest sources of sorrow, woe, gloom, desolation, and despair. Be prepared to overcome your worst nightmares, to enter a brighter and highly positive lifestyle, and find out how you can gain mastery over your emotions instead of letting them run wild. Unravel the means to tap into the potential of your emotions, in the search for the key to a successful and happy life!


“I am so depressed; you have no idea!” “I think I am going into depression,” “Why do you look so sad?” “Are you depressed?” are some of the questions and phrases that are scarily common. The word depression is used or thrown around so often to describe a mixture of almost any negative emotions. When your friend is sad or feeling low about something, how often do you hear or expect to hear one of the above phrases?

While it may be a common practice these days to refer to a negative feeling inside you as ‘being depressed,’ the repercussions and the effects of a person who is suffering from depression are often ignored, sidelined, or worse, they go unnoticed! It can affect the way you feel about yourself which, in turn, will make it very difficult and ‘depressing’ to get through your day-to-day chores. It is time to take a step towards a journey that will lead you to a depression free life.

On this journey, we will be taking the detailed route to understand the concept of depression, by diving deep into its roots and strategic methodologies you can use to overcome it. We will also be clarifying and clearing up the common misconceptions and myths that circle around depression.

1 review for Killing Depression

  1. Sharon

    Book has many helpful pointers.

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