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Resolve To Help Yourself Through Helping Others


Many people report that helping others feels good, often claiming that they get more out of the experience than those with whom they help. Is this true? Absolutley. There are many ways to start. There are many ways to help others and most importantly help ourselves in the process.


Too frequently the trend in our society is for individuals to be detached from one another. Automobiles have taken us off the streets, where we used to greet each other and stop to chit chat. Cubicles have removed a bit of the humanity in working, as have factories and even computers to some extent. Television has planted us firmly in our living rooms, instead of out with other people. Even movie theaters, where many people get together, cut us off from true conversation because we’re staring at a big screen. You could also add to the list of cell phones and social networks. It takes away from the face to face conversation.


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