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Staying Positive


Research shows that approximately 87% of the things we say to ourselves about ourselves are negative, self-destructive, and undermining. This negative self-talk leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy – what we tell ourselves creates a mindset that makes our self-talk come true. Optimists know that sometimes, people know it naturally on a subconscious level and seldom need positive self-talk; other times, people become optimists through deliberately practicing positive self-talk.

Negative self-talk increases your unhappiness and incompetence. It can make you unhealthy and self-destructive. Fortunately, positive self-talk can do just the opposite – it can make you healthier, happier, more confident, and more competent.


Realistic, practical optimism is a choice you can make on purpose to help you manage your life successfully. There is a set of characteristics that most optimists have in common, but through the use of certain strategies naturally used by optimists, pessimists can turn themselves into optimists.

Realistic, practical optimism is not

• A denial of reality

• Masking over problems

• Pointless hoping 

• Pollyanna thinking

• “See-no-evil, hear-no-evil” thinking

• A panacea.

It is

• A system for confronting problems

• A way to choose the best outcomes

• A method for coping with any challenges

• A happier, healthier approach to life.

Each one of us has a unique set of experiences in life that gives us a model of the world that includes our interests, likes and dislikes, values, and emotional tendencies. We are all born with coping abilities that change as we interact with the world. As we grow up, our coping skills can become weaker or stronger and we can become more positive or negative in our attitude.

At one time psychiatrists believed that we react to life’s stresses by avoiding, repressing, or denying them. Now we know that all of us are born with the potential to manage stress, but not all people make the most of that potential.

To be human means that we can change our habits and our patterns of behavior. We can identify what makes us cope successfully and the things that impede that. We can analyze our own approach to life and challenge and replace our less successful coping methods. This ebook will explain the mental attitude at the heart of optimism, the obstacles to being optimistic, the techniques you can use to strengthen optimism, and the benefits of having a realistic and practical optimistic approach to life.


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